Our Goals

We offer breastfeeding support in a family centered, comfortable environment, giving you our full attention to answer questions and concerns.  We strive to promote self-efficacy so that you will learn the tools you need to successfully breastfeed, honoring your own goals and desires.  Breastfeeding is an intuitive process and takes time and patience to establish a successful relationship with your baby.

We work with mothers, physicians, and local breastfeeding organizations throughout the state to promote breastfeeding. We offer a full range of lactation services at our clinic to assist mothers in their goal to provide the best nutrition possible for their babies.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at meganglenn@mslactation.com
call 601-932-MILK (6455)
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Breastfeeding Support

We offer support in a family-centered atmosphere.  We offer prenatal education for groups and one-on-one counseling.

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Lip and Tongue Ties

Lip and Tongue ties are common in newborns and often hinder the baby's ability to latch.  We offer a quick and easy procedure called a frenotomy.

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Feeding Issues

We treat problems common to breastfeeding such as: painful feeding, difficult latch, weight gain issues, Candida and Mastitis, Establishing supply due to mother/baby separation (NICU), and pumping and preparing to go back to work.

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